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Video tutorials to help you get the most out of Spot

Below you'll find links to a series of videos we're putting together on our YouTube channel. The videos range from very basic tutorials to more advanced lessons. We'll be adding more over the coming weeks and months, so please let us know if there's a topic you'd like to see covered.


Getting started (part zero): Installing Spot
How to install Spot and get it up and running.

Getting started (part one): The main window and subtitle edit area
The main window, basic navigation and the subtitle edit area explained.

Getting started (part two): Formatting subtitles
How to format subtitles in Spot with a quick look at Quick View

Getting started (part three): Working with videos
How to open videos, control playback and set various video-related options.

Getting started (part four): Timing subtitles
How to time subtitles in Spot with focus on Ctrl+Enter.

Getting started (part five): Checking subtitles
How to QC your subtitles and link groups of settings to different clients.

Copying subtitles from external files (part one)
The first of two videos that look at how to copy and paste subtitles from an external file into the current one. In this tutorial, we investigate the Copy window.

Copying subtitles from external files (part two)
The second (and thankfully last) of two videos that look at how to copy and paste subtitles from an external file into the current one. In today's episode: the Quick View method!

Intermediate and advanced

How to add subtitles to videos
How to create burnt-in subtitles using Spot's video converter and output the result in any format.

How to create auto-timed subtitles
An introduction to creating auto-timed subtitles based on Spot's speech enhance engine.

Speech enhancement
Spot's speech enhance technology can make it easier to find the start and end of speech in videos with a lot of background noise.

Video problems: sound but no image
Find out what do to if a video plays with sound but no image.

Video problems: choppy playback
How to ensure video playback is as smooth as possible.

Video problems: converting to a different format
If all else fails, let Spot convert your video!

Frequently asked questions

Exporting subtitles for use in Adobe Premiere Pro
How to export subtitles from Spot and open them in Premiere Pro without losing formatting.

Windows says Spot is infected with a virus
In a recent Windows Defender update, Microsoft mistakenly included spot.exe in its virus definition list.